Vegetables – Cold and Warm Season

With two cold season and one warm season crops, we try and maximize our gardeners crops by offering three different crops.  Starting in late March or early April, depending on weather, we offer the cold season crops that can take frosts and freezes and still produce.  In early May we bring in all of our warm season vegetables and replenish them weekly.  In late August we bring in the fall cold season crops that will continue producing into early winter.  Here is a list of the vegetables we carry during those periods.

Cold Season Vegetables

Arugula Beets Bok Choy Broccoli Brussel Sprouts
Cabbages Cauliflowers Celery Collards Escarole
Endive Kales Kholrabi Leeks Lettuces
Onions Peas Radishes Spinach Strawberries
Swiss Chard Asparagus Potatoes

Warm Season Vegetables

Beans Broccoli Raab Celery Celeriac Corn
Cucumbers Eggplants Melons Okra Peppers
Pumpkins Spinach Squashes Tomatoes Zucchini

Heirloom Tomatoes

We also carry a great selection of Heirloom tomatoes including:  Brandywine, Oxheart, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Black Prince, Old German, Mortgage Lifter, Giant Belgium, Box Car Willie, German Johnson Pink, Tigerella, and Orange Zinger.