Deer Resistant Plants

In this list you will find the plants that we believe are the best for deer resistance in and around Morristown, NJ.  However, they are not deer-proof.  Deer population, and in turn deer pressure on your landscape, as well as weather make a big difference on what they eat.  Click here to download a copy of this list to keep and print.  We are well versed in designing deer resistant landscapes, so don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

Annuals Sun Perennials Shade Perennials
Ageratum Allium (Fall Bulb) Astilbe
Allysum Artemesia Bleeding Heart
Bacopa Catmint Bugloss
Begonia, Wax Type Coreopsis Daffodil (Fall Bulb)
Celosia Cranesbill Epemedium
Cleome Evening Primrose Ferns
Cosmos Frittiliaria (Fall Bulb) Hellebore
Dusty Miller Foxglove Jacob’s Ladder
Lantana Iris Japanese Forrest Grass
Salvia (primarily blue) Joe Pye Weed Lamium
Snapdragon Lamb’s Ear Ligularia
Straw Flower Lamium Monkshood
Vinca, Flowering Lavender Sedges
Zinnia Liatris Sweet Woodruff
Licorice Vine Peony Tiarella  (Foam Flower)
Vinca Vine Poppy Pachysandra
Ornamental Grasses Russian Sage Myrtle (Periwinkle)
Dracena (Spike) Salvia
Ornamental Grasses

Deciduous Shrubs

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen Trees

Barberry Boxwood

TIER 1 (nearly PROOF)

Bayberry Cherry Laurel Norway Spruce
Butterfly Bush Helleri Japanese Holly Blue Spruce
California Privet Japanese Black Pine American Holly
Cotoneaster Juniper

TIER 2 (Resistant)

Itea Leucothoe Serbian Spruce
Kerria Mugo Pine Western Arborvitae
Leatherleaf Viburnum Japanese Pieris Leyland Cypress
Potentilla PJM Rhododenron White Pine
Scotch Broom Olga Rhododendron Dragon Lady Holly
Smoke Bush Japanese Skimmia Cryptomeria
Spirea Spruce (dwarf types)

TIER 3 (Low Pressure)

Witchhazel Cryptomeria (dwarf) Canadian Hemlock
Honeysuckle – Vine Himilayan Sarcacocca Upright Junipers
Trumpet Vine – Vine Viburnum (Leatherleaf) San Jose Holly
Climbing Hydrangea – Vine  Barberry (Evergreen Types) Southern Magnolia