Bulk Materials for Pickup or Delivery

Here is a list and pictures of the bulk material we have available every day for pick up.  We also offer delivery for all bulk material Monday through Friday.  Two days notice is ideal especially during the busy season (April – June). You can order your bulk mulch, topsoil, and compost online here, or call 973-425-0088 for any other orders.

Material Use Material Use
Black River Loam Topsoil General Purpose – Drains Well 3/4″ Stone Driveways, Drainage
Topsoil / Mushroom Compost Mix The best for any kind of beds, especially vegetable QP Sub Base
Mushroom Compost Great for enriching existing beds Stone Dust Setting stone or pavers in
Hemlock Mulch Brown Reddish mulch, holds its color the best, slow to degrade 3/8″ Stone Driveways
Black Dyed Mulch Dyed Black color, holds color great 3/4″ River Stone Decorative Stone
Brown Dyed Mulch Brown Dyed color, holds color great Concrete Sand Mixing with soils, Masonry
Root Mulch Brown mulch, breaks down quickly 3/8″ Round Pea Gravel Multi Use
Nutri Peat Mulch Nutrient Rich Mulch from pine shavings. Dark in color. 2-4″ River Jacks Decorative, Ponds