Split Rail Fencing, Metal and Plastic Fencing, Fence Posts

We carry an assortment of fence posts and fencing for different applications.  Here is a short list of what we offer.

  • Galvanized Fencing and Vinyl Coated Fencing in 50′ rolls from 3′-6′ tall.
  • Chicken Wire in 50′ rolls from 1′-6′ tall
  • Plastic Fencing in 100′ rolls from 4′-7′ tall.
  • Heavy Duty Deer fence at 7.5′ in heavy duty plastic. Comes in 100′, 200′, and 300′ rolls.
  • Metal fence posts from 3′ to 7′ in light and heavy duty to keep your fence standing.
  • 2″x2″ Hardwood Stakes often used for lighter weight fence.

We also stock split rail fencing. We have 11′ split rails, 2 and 3 hole line posts, 2 or 3 hole corners, 42″, 48″, and 60″ gates.