We have a huge selection of herbs starting in early April with some of the cold hardy varieties. We receive the majority of our selection in May.  Here is a list of what we normally carry during each season.  Some herbs are in flats, while most are in 4″ pots and larger.

Cold Season

 Bay Leaf  Chive  Dill Parsley Curley
 Catnip  Cilantro Oregano  Parsley Flat
Thyme – Several Types

Warm Season

Basil – Many Types Hyssop Marjoram Santolina
Borage Jacobs Ladder Mint – Many Types Savory – 2 Types
Chervil Lavenders Nasturtium Scented Geraniums
Curry Lemon Balm Polemonium Sorrel
Eucalyptus Lemon Grass Rosemary – Many Types Stevia
Fennel Lemon Verbena Rumex Sweet Woodruff
Horseradish Lovage Sage – Many Types Thymes – Many Types