Canada Red Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’

  • Size: 20’-25’ Tall and 15’-20’ Wide
  • Growth Habit: Rounded crown, well distributed branches
  • Growth Rate:  moderate to fast
  • Light Requirements: Part Sun to full Sun
  • Soil Requirements:   Adaptable to different soil types
  • Appeal:  The Canada Red Chokecherry has unique foliage where it will emerge green in the spring and then turn to a purple burgundy color in the summer. With each push of new growth the foliage will become contrasting colors of green against the existing purples/red leaves. This tree has nicely patterned branching giving it an overall appealing shape. The Canada Red Chokecherry will also produce small white flowers in April/May. It is a great tree that can handle being planting in tough spots as well.