Velvet Cloak Smoke Bush

Cotinus coggygria ‘Velvet Cloak’

  • Size: 8’-15’ Tall and Wide
  • Growth Habit: Rounded
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Soil Requirements:  Adaptable to many soil types. Prefers good drainage.
  • Appeal: The Velvet Cloak Smoke Bush is known for its purple maroon foliage color and unique flower blooms that resemble clusters of smoke. It has hairs attached to the flower clusters that form these smoke like puffs throughout the plant during the summer which is a very interesting plant characteristic making the smoke bush unique. These puffs are usually purplish grey colored. The foliage will turn to oranges and reds during the fall before dropping its leaves for winter. Used as a specimen plant or in mass borders creating a small hedge. Drought tolerant once established, deer tolerant.