Weeping Redbud

Cercis canadensis ‘Covey’

  • Size: 6’-12’ Tall and Wide
  • Growth Habit: Weeping, umbrella shape and rounded
  • Growth Rate:  Moderate
  • Light Requirements:  Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Soil Requirements:  Adaptable to different soil types. Can grow well in dry, clay, acidic, or alkaline soils. Prefers well drained soil.
  • Appeal:   The Weeping Redbud tree is a weeping cultivar that stays much smaller than the standard upright Redbud tree. It has pendulous branches that hang down to form a weeping umbrella shape. The branches turn into a cascade of lavender pink colored flower blooms or white colored blooms in early spring before its leaves emerge. The ‘lavender twist’ cultivar is lavender pink colored and the ‘vanilla twist’ cultivar is white colored. Has leaves that are heart shaped. Its leaves start off red that change to green throughout the spring and will become yellow during the fall season before shedding its leaves for winter. Native, deer resistant and juglone tolerant.