Magic Carpet Spirea

Spiraea japonica ‘Walbuma’

  • Size: 1-2’ Tall and Wide
  • Growth Habit: Mounding, spreading ground cover
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Light Requirements:Full sun to part sun
  • Soil Requirements: Adaptable,  average well drained soil
  • Appeal:  Magic Carpet Spirea is a gorgeous low mounding shrub that creates a good ground cover or filling in small spaces. It offers an array of colors with its golden foliage color and new leaves emerge reddish/purple. It also displays wonderful flowers in spring that are shades of pink and purple. Magic Carpet Spirea has a compact branching habit keeping it looking neat and is low maintenance to care for. Use as a low border for garden beds or walkways or to fill in tight spaces in your garden beds.