Bleeding Heart 

Lamprocapnos spectabilis

  • Size: 2’-3’ Tall and Wide
  • Growth Habit: rounded, arching branches drooping flowers
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Light Requirements: Shade to part shade
  • Soil Requirements:  Average soil, moist but well drained
  • Appeal:  The Bleeding Heart is a classic perennial to add to the landscape that is shade loving and low maintenance. Bleeding Heart gets its name from its pink flower blooms that grow into a heart like shape and open slightly at the tip with a small inner white petal. The flowers hang gracefully off its arching branches which give this perennial its unique drooping appearance. The foliage becomes bushy and remain underneath the flower stalks. The Bleeding Heart adds a touch of airy texture and pink color to the landscape and can be used as an accent plant or in clumps.