Silvermound Wormwood /absinthe

Artemesia schmidtiana ‘Silvermound’

  • Size: 1’-3’ Tall and 1’-2’ Wide
  • Growth Habit: Rounded, mound
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to part shade
  • Soil Requirements:  Average well drained
  • Appeal:  Silvermound Wormwood, also known as silvermound absinthe, is an interesting perennial that has attractive silver/grey foliage and an almost fluffy, light texture when brushed against. Silvermound wormwoods foliage is aptly named as it describes the silver mounded look of the plant well, the foliage is also aromatic and can sway in the wind. The silvermound wormwood perennial is more known for its foliage than its small yellow flower blooms in summer that hang from the plant stems. Add Silvermound Wormwood to the landscape as a nice contrast against other plants or create a border with mass plantings.

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