Maidenhair fern

Adiantum pedatum

  • Size: 1-3’ Tall and 1-2’ Wide
  • Growth Habit: clumping, herbaceous, spreads slow by rhizomes
  • Growth Rate: Slow to moderate
  • Light Requirements: Part Shade to Full Shade
  • Soil Requirements:  Moist, well drained, organic rich, slightly acidic soil is best
  • Appeal: Maidenhair Fern has fine or delicate textured light/bright green foliage. Fronds (leaves of fern) appear off curved wiry stems. Fronds resemble the leaf of the Ginkgo tree. Stems are black or brown. Young fiddlehead (new fronds) emerge in spring and have red tint. Native plant that provides shelter for wildlife like toads, salamanders, and lizards.

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