Rain Bird Replacement Sprinkler Heads

We have a great selection of Rain Bird rotor and pop up sprinkler heads. They are nearly all interchangeable with all other manufacturer heads so if you have a broken head of any make and model, we should have the Rain Bird compatible head to get your system back up and running. Here is the list of the models we have with their inlet size and coverages.

Model Name Coverage Inlet Size
Pop-Up 600 Series 4″ Small Area 8′-15′ 1/2″ Mount
Rotor Sprinkler 32SA Large Area 19′-32′ 1/2″ Mount
Rotor Sprinlker 42SA+ Large Area 26′-38′ 3/4″ Mount
22SAM Mini Rotor Medium area 17′-24′ 1/2″ Mount
Pop-Up 1800 Series 4″ Small Area 8′-15′ 1/2″ Mount

We have 1/2″ pipe, 3/4″ pipe, 1″ pipe and the couplers to fix broken lines. We also have elbows and t’s for sprinkler heads. Finally we have 1″ Inline Valves, Timers, Jar top Anti Siphon Vavles 3/4″, Automatic Filter Drain Valves, 3′ Full Circle Bubblers, 15′ Adjustable MPR Spray Nozzle and 15′ Adjustable Spray Nozzle. Stop down with your broken head and we will help you out.

Rainbird replacement sprinkler heads