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Fall Container Gardening Made Easy!


There’s more to fall than mums! (Although we do have a large selection, so come check them out!)

The variety of color and texture for fall planting is anything but dull, even for the blackest of thumbs. Everything we have will last until the first frost in November, so why wait! Cabbage and kale will last even longer.

Above are samples of some awe inspiring fall displays that are easy to replicate and call your own.


Using Celosia as the focal point, or any tall, bright plant (Intenz shown here) is a good beginning. Next, surround the center piece with different sized cabbage and/or kale for texture. Last, add some pansies, asters, ornamental peppers and/or small/medium pumpkins/gourds for pops of color. And of course, don’t forget some mums!

Quick Tips:

If you are using containers that are taller than the plants, you can flip smaller containers over and stack them inside. You can also grab a brick/paver, depending on the size of your container to elevate the plants.

If you are planning to plant the flowers, we reccommend using some Fafard Ultra Container mix.

Til next time,

Danielle and Julie