Rental Property Makeover in Spring Ridge

This savvy landlord in Basking Ridge had the good sense to contact our Lead Designer, Erik, to help with the finishing touches to make his property really stand out to potential renters.  Erik included just the right amount of evergreen foundation along with low-maintenance, shade and drought-tolerant perennials such as Jeanna Garden Phlox, Silver Heart Siberian Bugloss, Carpet Bugle, plus reblooming daylilies for season long flower power!!

A massing of Grace Smoke Bushes will provide vibrant, wine-red leaf color followed by big, feathery plumes in summer with brilliant shades of orange-red color in the fall!  Erik also added shade/deer tolerant Leatherleaf Viburnum in the back to add privacy for future patio BBQ’s.



More Images of the Finished Install