Maximizing a Condominium

This Morristown condo owner was tired of her dull patio plantings with overgrown, invasive Burning Bush taking engulfing the back of her property.  Our Lead Designer, Erik, included some tough but underutilized perennials for the patio such as Blue Star Amsonia, Bishop’s Hat Epimedium, Japanese Forest Grass, and Pandora Ligularia to create a stunning array of texture and color.

Erik’s team then removed all existing, invasive understory brush to create a jaw-dropping woodland edge garden consisting of Royal Purple Smokebush, Mt. Airy Fothergilla, Henry’s Garnet Itea, Wine & Roses Weigela and Scarletta Fetterbush.   Our client was overwhelmed by the transformation and enjoys many evenings gazing upon her own magical backyard oasis!



More Images of the Installation