Pond Equipment, Plants, Koi and Goldfish

We have everything you need to build, maintain, and enjoy your pond.  Liners, skimmers, filters, pumps, nets, aerators, pond heaters, UV lights, pond vacuums, and fish food are always in stock.  We also carry all of the chemicals and biological additives to keep your water clean and your fish and frogs happy.

In our 1600 gallons of holding tanks, we have Koi, Butterfly Koi (AKA Longfin Koi), Shubunkins, Comets, Orf, Snails, Tadpoles, and occasionally albino catfish! Ranging from 3-14″, we have hundreds of fish from one of the premier growers in the country. These are photos from one of the companies we buy from. Very high quality fish with beautiful coloration and health.  New fish usually come in every 1-3 weeks depending on the time of the season.  Special orders are welcome!  Give us a call 973-425-0088

Starting in May we receive a large shipment of potted water plants in 5″ square plants that are ready to be put into your pond. Both
hardy and tropical plants, we have plants to oxygenate your water, keep algae down, and bring color.  Plants include anachris, bananas, cat tails, cannas, colocasia, houttuynia, horsetail, iris, juncus, papyrus, parrot feathers, sweet flag, water lettuce, water hyacinth, water lillies, and lotus.