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Here is a list of the shrubs we carry. Most material is brought in fresh in March and April, and then restocked on an as needed basis. If you are looking for something ins particular or a specific variety, please ask us and we’ll let you know whether we have it in stock or if we can order it.

Latin Name (Evergreens) Common Name Latin Name (Deciduous) Common Name
Aucuba Japonica Aucuba Abelia Abelia
Azalea Azalea – Evergreen & Exbury Aesculus Bottlebrush Buckeye
Berberis Barberry – Evergreen & Deciduous Buddleia Butterfly Bush- Many Varieties
Buxus Boxwood – Many Varieties Callicarpa Beautyberry
Cephalotaxus Plum Yew Caryopteris Caryopteris
Chamaecyparis Cypress – Many Varieties Chaenomeles Quince
Cotoneaster Cotoneaster Clethra Summersweet
Cryptomeria Japonica Japanese Cedar Cornus alba Red Twig Dogwood
Erica Heather Corylus avellana Contorted Filbert
Euonymus Euonymus Cotinus Purple Smoke Bush
Fargesia Rufa Clumping Bamboo Cytisus Scotch Broom
Hypericum St. John’s Wort Daphne Daphne
Ilex Holly – Many Varieties Deutzia Deutzia
Juniperus Juniper – Many Varieties Enkianthus Red Vein Enkianthus
Kalmia Mountain Laurel Forsythia Forsythia
Leucothoe Leucothoe Fothergilla Fothergilla
Mahonia Oregron Grape Holly Ginkgo Biloba Ginkgo
Nandina Domestica Bamboo Hamamelis With Hazel
Osmanthus False Holly Hibiscus Rose of Sharon
Picea Spruces – Many Hydrangea Hydrangea – Many Varieties
Pieris Andromeda – Many Kerria Kerria
Pinus Pine – Many Ligustrum Privet
Prunus Otto & Skip Laurel Physocarpus Ninebark
Rhododendron Hybrids, natives, and small leaf Potentilla Potentilla
Sarcococca Sarcococca Prunus cistena Purple Sand Cherry
Skimmia Skimmia Pyracantha Mohave Firethorn
Tsuga Canadensis Hemlock Salix Dappled Willow
Yucca Yucca Spiraea Spirea- Many Varieties
Syringa Lilac – Many Varieties
Viburnum Viburnum – Many Varieties
Wiegela Wiegela